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Look, we can’t get you rid of your debt, but we can try and focus on smaller goals and go one step at a time. Even if you start small for example by saving just $1 a day, at the end of the year, that’s some extra $365 that you can use to pay off your bills. Remember to celebrate every little victory along the way.


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The Money Feed Staff:


Stephen is a serial online entrepreneur who owns and runs a few popular websites, apps, and products that allowed him to retire early from the rat race.

He has been financially independent for the past 12 years, and this has allowed him to go after his dreams and travel and enjoy life more.

On this site, he shares many of his tips and ideas that helped him achieve financial independence early on, but also how to save and manage money.


Dan is the editor of the website, but he also runs his own video animation business, so he knows a few things about small business and how to manage them.

When he’s not hustling for his own company he manages and edits the content on TheMoneyFeed.com.

The Money Feed Team

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