22 Odd Jobs That Pay Well

There are many jobs out there, most of them are familiar to us, like: doctors, teachers, drivers, accountants, etc. Some though, are a little less familiar or even known to by the general population. In this article, you will find 22 odd jobs that pay well, because you don’t necessarily have to go after a more familiar job in order to make more money.

Did you know you can make anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000 per year as a golf ball diver? No idea what that job means? Well, it’s simple, you…dive and rescue golf balls and resell them.

How about becoming a private investigator?  You could get paid to do the same job as Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, how cool is that?

So here they are:

22 Odd Jobs That Pay Well

1. Aircraft Repossession

This is as cool as it sounds. But also a bit on the dangerous side, it sure is our number 1 odd job that has the potential to earn you a lot of money.

Think about this, there are many people who are financing fancy jets and airplanes, and then they can’t pay for them anymore, so the banks will need someone to go and get their planes back.

This is where aircraft repo’s come in, they locate the planes, travel there, get the plane from the non-paying people and fly it back to safety and then give it to the bank to sell it.

You could earn between $10,000 and $910,000 in commissions after the plane is resold successfully. Depends on the age and type of the plane of course.

To do this kind of job you will need to know how to fly as many airplane types as possible, even helicopters if you want to increase your chances of making a ton of money.

One good job and you could be set for life, but remember there are also some bad guys that often borrow these planes, so you might want to bring in some heavy backup with you.

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  1. I gotta learn to fly all sorts of planes, even choppers, to rake in the big bucks with this gig. More aircraft skills mean more cash. Its a hustle, but thats the deal.

  2. Gotta master planes, maybe helis, cash in.

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