Extended downtime is never good for shipping. Oil seals and anthers lose elasticity; Rust deposits appear on unlubricated metal parts. If a vehicle is not an example of an expensive collection, the only possible loss may be from its downtime.

Many motorists have the idea that they can make money with their own car. In this way, you can combine business with pleasure – and the car will be less expensive, and the money will come to the family. However, business is not always pleasant. Competition, the cost of quality parts, taxes and more will only add to the stress and force many to give up.

Let’s look at eight business ideas using your own car: be the goal of each idea and good points.

Before choosing one of the options suggested below, one should carefully check the plausibility of the idea. Not every new entrepreneur succeeds in achieving his goals for one simple reason: he does not calculate in advance that the expenses may exceed the income.

How much money do you need to invest in this business? In this case, having a car is not the only problem that needs to be solved. The more the machine is used, the more frequent maintenance is required. Good oil and accessories are not cheap.

If we calculate the cost of scheduled maintenance of the car, one year will give a decent amount. The average cost of standard maintenance (and this doesn’t just include oil and filter changes) is:

Maintenance proceduresPrice in USD
the first job17

For example, there is a Lada Vesta in the driver’s garage. In the course of working every month in mixed mode, the car goes an average of 4 – 5 thousand km. As a rule, maintenance should be done every 10 km.

If the engine is operated only in urban mode, then this interval will be reduced and you need to focus on engine hours (how to calculate it, read  here  ). This means that on average, maintenance should be done every two months. In one year, the amount is over $300.

In city mode, this car uses an average of 7 liters per 100 km. According to the condition, the car must refuel at 350 liters per month. To do this, you need to spend about $300 per month.

In one year of operation, such a car will take out of the owner’s pocket about $ 4000.  Moreover, this amount does not include repairs and new parts. Some forward-thinking drivers don’t wait for their iron horse to break down, but spend a small amount of money on repairs instead. Depending on availability, it can be as much as $ 30. After that, to maintain the car, the driver must earn at least $ 350 per month.

Moreover, the meaning of business is not limited to driving a car. Everyone works for a living, so the profit in this case should be at least $700.

Here are some business ideas to help you get the job done.

Idea 1 – taxi

The first thought to start a personal car business is to be a taxi driver. The income of this job depends on the city where the driver lives. In the center of a small area, the demand for this type of public transport is low, so taxi drivers have to stand for hours waiting for customers or reduce the fare.

In a big city, such a business will bring a lot of money, and you can work at any time of the day. In this case, the easiest way to find customers is to enter into an agreement with a taxi service. Typically, these employers take a percentage of the driver’s earnings.

The advantages of such a business:

  • Always real money. Customers pay by cash or card through mobile banking.
  • Flexible plan. Such work can be considered as main or part-time.
  • Own customer base. During this process, some taxi drivers hand out personal business cards to passengers. Profits will increase if there are many such customers.
  • Minimum investment. To begin with, it is enough to leave the car in good technical condition and look good (especially in the cabin).

Among the disadvantages:

  • No stable income. In winter, people are more inclined to agree to take a taxi than to wait for the next cold. There are many customers during rush hour but the streets of the city are crowded so it takes a long time to complete the order.
  • In-car facilities. Popular cars without air conditioning are not suitable for this option. In big cities, they are often overlooked.
  • Risk of an accident. The more orders the taxi driver completes, the more money he gets. To get things done, some people use aggressive driving. It’s easy to catch people in heavy traffic.
  • Not enough passengers. Often, taxi drivers fall victim to robbers or forever dissatisfied customers because anger can damage the interior of the car.
  • The car breaks down easily. Apart from regular maintenance, car owners should also monitor the condition of the interior. This may require buying quality seat covers and doing more than just  a dry cleaner  .

A little about becoming a taxi driver for the first time:

Taxi job. Worth it or not. We are a taxi driver for 3 hours in St.Petersburg

Idea 2 – personal driver

Big businessmen usually use this service. When choosing this type of income, you should know that employers will ask a lot of questions from a private driver. Sometimes it happens that a driver can find a good employer, without sudden and excessive requests, but such businessmen are few and far between. If you try to make friends with the boss, you will enjoy working.

To get such money on a personal car, it should be comfortable. For example, the furniture must be in excellent condition and the amenities must be air-conditioned.

Advantages of being a personal driver:

  • High salary.
  • Connections. A good relationship with big business representatives helps to deal with personal problems.

The negative side of earnings:

  • Irregular schedule. In addition to business trips, employers can use a private chauffeur service even at night. Such a schedule makes it impossible for you to plan homework.
  • Too much to ask. Rarely is an employer willing to compromise with their employee and replace him. The driver is required not only to drive the boss, but also to repair the car himself. If it is your own car, then its depreciation is not always covered.
  • Obedience. No matter how good the relationship is with the boss, he is still the boss who can be asked to perform his duties. In the case of non-compliance with the requirements, friendship will not be an obstacle to dismissal.

On part-time work as a personal driver through the eyes of an employer:

Personal drivers: advantages and disadvantages

Idea 3 – Encourage tourists

This type of income is also available in real money. It makes a lot of money when people drive minibuses. This option is used by people who live far from their main place of work.

There are always a few people at the bus stop early in the morning. As a tax, you can get the cost of the bus trip.


  • Passive income. No need to find customers. It is enough to raise the pending traffic to raise them. Usually people raise their hands themselves.
  • More income. It can be combined with primary income. By paying the fare, you can offset the cost of fueling your car. If the salon is full, this money can be used to allocate funds needed for the proposed renovation.

This trading option has several disadvantages:

  • There is no stability. You may not always carry enough passengers or none at all.
  • Problem with taxi drivers. If the minibus owner uses this option to make money, he must be prepared to face the wrath of the official carriers. This is their bread and butter, so they are sure to know where their customers are going on a route.

Idea 4 – courier service

To stop such a job, you need to have an economical car. For these purposes, a small car is ideal. It cannot be replaced by city traffic. Such a car is fast, and compared to a conventional car, it saves fuel.

Many establishments use courier services, such as restaurants (home delivery), online stores, and postal services. In this case, the driver must have full knowledge of the location of the streets and houses in the city.

The advantages of such work:

  • Good salary. Salary can be by the job or hourly. In the first case, money is given to fulfill a separate order. This amount also includes insurance for refueling. In the second case, the payment will be fixed no matter how far you travel.
  • The ability to choose a schedule that suits you. If the payment is work, then this option can be combined with the main work. For example, while waiting for a customer, a taxi driver can fulfill some orders without paying interest to the owner.
  • Small cargo. Generally, large and light items require express delivery. It is not necessary to have a powerful vehicle to transport such things.

One of the major drawbacks of courier jobs is the tight deadlines. If the driver is stuck in traffic, he will not deliver the goods on time. Violations of the regulations result in fines, and if they happen frequently, few people will use the services of such a courier.

To find out what this type of income is, watch the following video:


Ideya 5 – advertising

Many companies use promotional stickers or brushes on company cars to increase demand for their products. If this type of passive income does not conflict with the guidelines of the car owner, it is a good way to increase your wallet.

Advantages of making money with car ads:

  • Fixed salary. As long as the banner is placed on the vehicle, the employer must pay monthly. Because of this, the budget can be planned in advance.
  • Passive income. No need to look for customers or wait for orders to make money.
  • Can be combined with previous work.

Before agreeing to such cooperation, consideration should be given to:

  • To make a profit, it is important that the car travels a certain distance each day. When concluding a contract, you need to pay attention to this aspect. Because of that, you can’t always do the main job (for office workers, for example).
  • Loss of car aesthetics. Stickers that have been used for a long time will cause the engine paint to become uneven and become stained.
  • Conflict of interest. During the contract, the customer can change the image or content of the advertising. Such changes may not be accepted by the owner. If no compromise can be reached, the contract will be terminated. Sometimes the content of an ad may conflict with the policies of the main company the driver works for (for example, working in a store and promoting a competitor’s product).

Idea 6 – driving instructor

Such work requires a certain amount of labor. It depends on the schedule of driving school lessons. In addition, such a job requires a thorough knowledge of traffic laws and having excellent reactions. Another important requirement for teachers is proof of three years of driving experience. To do this, just provide a registration certificate, which shows that this person is the owner of the vehicle for more than 3 years.

Advantages of becoming a driving instructor:

  • Accurate schedule. Class times are subject to change. The main thing is that the student must complete the minimum distance. Some guides plan multiple trips per day, freeing up more time for other activities.
  • In the case of working in a driving school, the management of the educational institution will be involved in the search for customers.
  • High income. This factor can occur in the case of private practice, and not in cooperation with the driving school. Private instructors may earn more. To do this, you need to find customers yourself.

Among the disadvantages of this business in your car, the following can be identified:

  • The vehicle must have optional brake and clutch pedals. These jobs are done at special service stations. Must have the words “Training” and special stickers on the windshield and rear window.
  • Income depends on the pace of the student. In winter, the number of cars is less because beginners are afraid to learn to drive in winter.
  • Prepare for driving lessons.

Idea 7 – roadside assistance

This option is especially useful if, in addition to the car, there is a large truck in the driver’s garage. It can be a tow truck. To do this, you need to make a suitable foundation and install a mechanical or electric winch.

Advantages of such a part-time job:

  • The itinerary is chosen by the driver.
  • Quick money. Small repairs (changing a flat tire, helping start a car with a dead battery, etc.) don’t take long.
  • No need to have deep knowledge of mechanics. As a last resort, you can offer to take the faulty car to the nearest service station.


  • Finding customers is difficult. Ads should be placed on many Internet resources for which you need to pay. You can use public bulletin boards, posts, and other vertical surfaces for free to post your contacts.
  • Can’t plan your income.
  • The availability of various tools and reserves to buy a suitable part (at the request of the owner of a damaged car).

Idea 8 – hire

This option can be used if the driver is not afraid to face damage to his vehicle. Usually, rental cars or minibuses are used for large events, such as weddings. While having fun, passengers may spill something in the cabin or accidentally tear the decorations, which are often revealed after checkout.

In addition:

  • Can be combined with previous work.
  • Quick profit in a short time.
  • Short trips.


  • Finding customers is very difficult.
  • Unstable income.
  • More chances to get an order from the owner of a luxury car (not under class C).

When agreeing to one type of income or another, it is necessary to consider whether it is possible to obtain the necessary amount for the maintenance of the car and for family life. It is not necessary to select one of the listed options. Some of these can be combined for greater benefit. For example, a private taxi driver can work as a courier in his free time and with the help of advertisements placed in the car. The same method can be used for joint travel.

And here is another original business idea for car owners:


Question and answer:

Who can work on your car?

Courier, taxi driver, private driver, driving instructor. Carry out delivery or freight services (depending on the type of transport).

What can you do with a car?

Roadside assistance can be provided by vehicle (mobile workshop). Some have agreed with companies to put ads on their cars for a while

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