20 Best Things To Sell To Make Money Fast & Get Quick Cash Today

Do you need to have some cash right now? Well, read on, because in this article you will find 20 of the best things to sell to make money fast when you really need it.

We’ve all been there, you might be late on your bills, or your gas tank is on empty, food is starting to run out, whatever the cause, you need to make money and you need to make it fast.

There’s money to be made with almost everything these days, and you probably have household items to sell for quick cash just laying around collecting dust.

1. Books

If you have a lot of books that you have already read many times, it’s time to let go of some of them if you want to make money fast.
Especially your old university books.

If you still have those around chances are that you will not need to read them again in your life, so get rid of them and make some quick cash in the process.

2. Handmade Crafted Items

If you like to craft and make things in your spare time, you could turn that hobby into a side income and make some money out of it.

You can sell your handmade goods on sites like Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Cargoh, Artfire, and more.

There are people out there buying all kinds of weird things, so you shouldn’t have a too hard time selling your things.

3. Gift cards

Did you receive some gift cards for services that you’re not using? Well, these are some of the best things to sell to make money fast, so lucky you.

You can go to websites like GiftcardGranny and start selling your unused gift cards for cash.

If they are digital gift cards you can get paid instantly, if they are physical ones, then you will have to mail them first and after that, you will receive your money.

4. Sell Your Opinion

One of the easiest things to sell to make money online is your opinion. That’s it, you don’t need to handmake items, or sell your old stuff, or any of that.

Simply sign up to a few legit survey and review websites, and you can get paid to fill in surveys, watch videos, and give your opinion on things, such as the look of a website, etc.

Survey site examples: SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, InboxDollars.

5. Furniture

Do you still have some old furniture sitting in your garage or attic? If your answer is YES, then that’s good, because furniture is one of the best household items to sell for quick cash and also to declutter your home and make room for new things.

Even if you don’t have old furniture, you could still sell some of it, like a couch or chair that you don’t use too much, especially if you really really need that money. Food or electricity is more important than a fancy coffee table.

You could start with posting ads on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to have local people come and pick up your old furniture so that you don’t need to ship it yourself.

6. Rent a Spare room

If you have the possibility, and you have an extra room in your house that you’re not using, then you could turn it into a solid side income by renting it out on sites like Airbnb and Spareroom.

You could earn anywhere between $100 to $1000 or more a month, depending on the size and location of course.

So instead of treating that spare room as an extra closet where you throw unused stuff, here’s an idea, sell the stuff in the closet for quick cash and then rent out the room. Win-Win.

7. Clothing

Chances are that you have too many clothes, and some of them you’re not even wearing. Why not sell your old clothes to make money and also to make some extra room for other things or perhaps even new clothes (when money is not an immediate issue anymore).

There’s plenty of websites and apps that you can use to sell your clothes to make money, like Vinted, Tradesy, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and even Etsy.

8. Photos

Did you know that you could sell your photos to make money? Yes, that’s right, and guess what you don’t even need a big fancy camera to do it either.

There are people out there selling their iPhone photos and they’re making some nice money out of their hobby. So look into it, especially if you’re more creatively inclined and you like snapping photos of everything.

You can sell your photos on sites like AlamyStockimo (if you’re selling smartphone pics), FoapGetty ImagesDreamstime, and more.

9. Sports equipment

Other great things to sell to make quick cash, are old sports gear.

Do you have old sports equipment lying around the house or in the garage? Maybe your kids don’t like ice skating or rollerblading anymore, or maybe you can’t go snowboarding as you used to when you were younger.

Well good news, you can list your sports gear on places like SidelineSwap or any other online marketplace and make some money out of it.

10. Your time

If you don’t have too many skills that you can offer for sale, you can always sell your time. You can take care of kids, and even pets or seniors. So if you have free time and no money this can be a great way to make some quick. Try sites like Petsitter, Petbacker, Care.com, Sitter.com

Time is one of the best things to sell to make money fast. So if you got free time and you don’t mind dealing with kids or pets, this might work for you.

11. Scrap metal

You probably already know that you can make a few dollars selling metal soda, but did you know that there’s plenty of metal in regular household items to sell for quick cash? Think about old pans, leftover construction material, old washing machine, fridge, stoves.

One of the best scrap metal to sell to make money fast is copper, it has a higher price than regular aluminum cans, and can be found in electronics and wires, so if you have a lot of those laying around, try to sell them also.

12. Freelancing work

Do you have any skills that you are good at? Such as writing articles, programming, creating websites, doing voice-overs, etc.? Well, you can make a lot of money by selling your services to businesses and other people.

You could start by signing-up on websites like UpworkFreelancer, and Fiverr, and make money by selling your skills.

13. Toys

Toys, especially old toys are easy things to sell online to make money fast. Why? I don’t know, for some reason, people go crazy over 80s action figures, old comic books, lego sets, cars, and pretty much any kind of toy.

Especially if you have been saving them in mint condition over all these years, you could make some nice money from selling them.

So if you still have toys in your house either from your childhood or from your kids (if they don’t use them any more of course), maybe it’s time to sell them to make some quick cash.

14. Art

If you like to draw, paint and do graphic design, even as a hobby, you could still earn some serious money by selling your art online.

You could either sell art that you have already made or you could work for a commission and get paid whenever you do a job for someone.

Plenty of sites where you could sell your art, but you could start with Fiverr and Etsy first.

You could also sell some of the art that you have in your home, like paintings and posters.

15. Shoes

If you have lots of shoes, including ones that you don’t even use anymore, you can sell them and earn some quick money on sites like Poshmark and Swap.

Make sure to read their requirements and rules properly before you decide to list your shoes for sale though.

You could even earn a huge amount of money if you get into the sneaker flipping industry. For example, there are pairs of Nike sneakers that were being sold with an initial price of $100-$200 when they got released 2-3 years ago and they are now being sold for more than $2000 a pair these days.

16. Jewelry

Jewelry, especially gold jewelry are probably the easiest things to sell to make quick cash. You could walk into any jewelry or pawn store with some of your old rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other golden items… and get to leave with a nice lump of cash.

If you don’t have any gold jewelry, don’t worry, silver, and any other precious metal or stones will work just fine.

Just make sure to check out how much you can get for your items in a few different shops so that you can get the best possible deal.

17.Vintage items

Vintage items are always on demand, for example, old Disney VHS tapes, baseball cards, old vintage clothing and accessories, and more.

So go take a look in your attic, basement, or garage, and search through every dusty box, and you might stumble upon some nice vintage things to sell to make quick cash.

Sure it might look like junk to you, but others might be willing to pay a fortune to own that “junk”, and even if you don’t have an old Ferrari rusting in your backyard to make a couple of millions, you could still make some decent money from retro stuff.

You can list your items for sale on sites like eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist even, and then wait for people to contact you or bid on your items.

But before you list your items, make sure you know the average price of your vintage items, look through older auctions or listings and see how much money items like yours go for.

18. Old phones

You probably have a bunch of old phones that you don’t use anymore, and they are just sitting there gathering dust. Am I right? I know that’s the case with me, I probably have like 7 old phones around the house that I keep for no reason at all.

So if you’re like me, let me tell you that old phones and smartphones are some of the easiest things to sell online to make money fast.

Many mobile phone recycling companies will pay you a lot of money for your old mobile phones, but you could also list them on the regular auction sites or Facebook marketplace.

19. Video games

People think that video games are just for kids, well they are wrong, many adults also enjoy playing video games from time to time, especially if they play some of the old retro stuff that reminds them of their childhood.

But the newer stuff works just as well, especially if you recently upgraded your gaming console or computer. You could either sell the games or the old consoles or all together.

And for that reason, you could sell your old video games and consoles and make money fast while also giving happiness to people who will enjoy playing those games.

You could also become a flipper and go check out flea markets and garage sales and try and score some cool video games or consoles that you can buy for cheap and flip it for a profit on sites like eBay.

20. Sell your coins

Do you have a jar full of coins? Well, it’s time to go through them and search to see which of those are more valuable than others. As new banknotes and coins are being released all the time, collectors are willing to pay some nice money for the old coins and notes.

So if you have some old money in your house, make sure to properly check their value and then list them on eBay and other auction sites, and sell them.

You could alternatively just go with the whole jar of coins to the bank, but we recommend doing the above step first.

So there you have it, 20 of the best things to sell to make money fast. Hopefully, a few of these are helpful for you and you manage to sell some items to get that fast cash that you need.

Make sure to check out the rest of our website to learn even more methods to make money and save it for a rainy day.

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